4 online workshops on modelling new social trends

New social trends: to what extent will they influence energy demand and how can modelling tools capture this dynamic?

A series of workshops organised in the framework of newTRENDs project will answer to this question, by looking at 4 new social trends:

➡️Circular Economy
➡️Shared Economy

In each workshop, project partners will present model enhancements and discuss knowledge gaps interactively with the participants.

From E3-Modelling, Leonidas Paroussos and Ioannis Tsiropoulos will run the shared economy workshop. They will talk about how to model shared mobility in a bottom-up way and present the links to large-scale applied CGE models, i.e., GEM-E3 model.

Click on the link and join your preferred workhsop : https://newtrends2020.eu/workshops-modelling-the-influence-of-new-social-trends-on-energy-needs-demand-november-2022/