The cost of recharging infrastructure for electric vehicles in the EU in a climate neutrality context: factors influencing investments in 2030 and 2050

Article - July 6, 2022

To know how much investment is needed in EU recharging infrastructure in 2030 & 2050, one needs to look at at fast chargers. This is the key finding of a new paper published in ScienceDirect.

The paper argues that in 2021–2030 a fast charging network will have to be deployed to reduce charging times and enable the fast roll-out of #EVs; which is critical for decarbonising the transport sector as we strive to reach climate neutrality by 2050.

The analysis points to 3.2–4 and 13.6–20.3 million chargers in 2030 and 2050 respectively and investment needs between 8.7 and 16.2 bn€ in 2021–2030 and an extra 44.3–80.3 bn€ in 2031–2050.

Despite the higher costs of fast chargers, their deployment may help overcome barriers and act as a catalyst for the adoption of EVs.

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