Energy Systems Analysis and Modelling towards Decarbonisation

Article - March 11, 2022
This Special Issue summarises the contribution from ten scientific papers published in the course of the previous months. The papers provide rigorous quantitative assessment of the challenges, impacts and opportunities induced by ambitious clean energy transition pathways that can help limit global warming to well below 2 °C and even to 1.5 °C.  The Special Issue sheds light on how deep emission reductions can be achieved in all energy demand and supply sectors, explores the interplay between mitigation options, including energy efficiency, renewable energy uptake and electrification to decarbonise inflexible end-uses such as mobility and heating. More so, it assesses how these low-emission strategies at the national and global level will affect energy system development, technology uptake, energy system costs as well as the associated socioeconomic and industrial implications.
The Special Issue can be found at this link.