Net zero-emission pathways reduce the physical and economic risks of climate change

Article - January 3, 2022

Temperature overshoot refers to the extent to which temperature is allowed to temporarily exceed a given threshold. Little is known about the additional climate risks generated by overshooting such temperature thresholds, its extent being a function of many variables defining how rapidly human systems can be transformed, including socioeconomic and technological progress variables.

For this new study we teamed up with an international group of experts a) to assess the physical and macroeconomic impacts associated with mitigation pathways towards end-of-century temperature targets with different levels of temperature overshoot and b) see how to include them in low carbon pathways.

The paper bridges the mitigation community approach, i.e., costs and risks of the energy transition with the climate impacts community approach, i.e., costs and risks of cliamte change.

Take a look at the full study here.