Advanced system studies for the energy transition: ASSET project successfully completed

A total of 36 studies on the evolution of the EU energy system have been prepared by experts from E3-Modelling, Tractebel and Ecofys to support the European Commission in crafting relevant policies and setting research and innovation priorities for the Union.

The studies have been developed in the last 4 years in the framework of the EU-funded project “ASSET” with the aim to shed light on the important changes that the EU electricity system is undergoing in a context of increasing penetration of variable renewable energy sources. Detailed assessments have been carried out for the role of consumers, demand-response, smart meters, and storage. Moreover, synergies with other networks such as gas and heat and the links between those networks have been addressed.

Each study is supported by an analysis of the technologies, regulations, market design and business models and delivers recommendations for policy-makers.

E3-Modelling has been actively involved in the preparation of many of these studies, covering topics from job creation related with RES and island energy systems to the role of sectoral integration in the decarbonisation of the energy system and the evolving role of gas DSOs and distribution networks.

The studies have been uploaded on the EC website and can be accessed here