Climate Campaigners APP is out – spread the word!

An exciting, truly citizen-centred H2020 project in which we participate is Climate Campaigners.

13 cities
20 million citizens
1 common goal

# To change climate change by changing our lifestyles #

The project urges people to break habits that waste energy, take new paths towards a healthier environment, and have fund while doing so!

Citizens are invited to download the new app which is now avaialble in global app stores
Climate Campaigners aims to be the mechanism for citizen-driven hange in a way that is fully immersed in behavioural research and integrated with local, national and EU policy goals.

The two objectives of Climate Campaigners that stand out are:
✅providing the best possible and highly impactful scientific support to designing mitigation pathways and policies
✅creating immediate engagement of citizens in climate actions and supporting them in adopting a more climate-friendly lifestyle.

E3M will improve its models to better represent radical consumer-driven transformations and lifestyle changes and their systemic impacts for energy, transport and food systemsgreenhouse gas emissions & table policy recommendations in support of the EU’s strategy to climate neutrality by mid-century.

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