Company Overview

We are a team of experienced consultants, analysts and modellers specializing in providing consulting services based on advanced empirical modelling of the energy-economy-environment nexus. Our policy analysis experience dates back to 1990.

Our integrated modelling tools represent the operations and inter-linkages of the energy, economy and environment systems and provide informed, transparent and robust analysis and recommendations to the European Commission, national governments, energy regulators, companies of the private sector in the energy and transport domains, small and medium-size investors, international organizations and associations.

Our work provides the necessary quantitative indicators to assess the impacts of climate transition pathways and evolutions in energy markets.


Company Overview & History

E3-Modelling is a société anonyme (S.A.) company, established as a knowledge-intensive consulting company spin-off. Τhe company inherits staff staff, knowledge and software-modelling innovation of the laboratory E3MLab at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). In 2022 the company received the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates and has put in place a Gender Equality Plan. The company specialises in the delivery of consulting services based on large-scale empirical modelling of the nexus economy-energy-environment. The experience of its staff dates back to 1990 and includes internationally renowned milestones, such as the design, implementation and continuous operation of the PRIMES and GEM-E3 models. Since 1990, the consultants of E3-Modelling prepare and publish every 2-3 years a European energy and transport outlook in close cooperation with the European Commission and have supported its major impact assessment studies via the construction of detailed policy scenarios.

Our modelling and consulting experience is also serving numerous studies for European governments, professional associations, and large-scale companies in the energy domain. The consultation expertise of our team focuses on the Design and impact analysis of transition in the energy market and systems, both in the demand and supply of energy, and in the transport sector, towards green and climate-friendly structures and technologies. We assess the transitions from economic, policy and implementation perspectives with emphasis on the functioning of system and markets and the impact of policy instruments on behaviours and market outcomes.

Our energy team has particular expertise in regulatory and market design aspects for the electricity and gas sectors in Europe. Our macroeconomic team has well renowned research records in modelling economic growth, sectorial growth and employment at an international level based on the GEM-E3 model which is the most widely used macroeconomic general equilibrium model in Europe. Our transport team has contributed to EC impact assessments which are part of the 3rd Mobility Package, the introduction of regulatory targets on vehicle manufactures and the assessment of national transport policies for numerous national governments.

Our Services

  • Supporting policy analysis and development of strategies and outlooks
  • Development and maintenance of large-scale energy, economy and transport models

  • Market analysis and system operation of the electricity and gas sectors

  • Maintenance of large-scale energy and economic databases

  • Development of new modelling tools, delivery to clients and capacity building

  • Research and management of research projects

Our Core Values

Our Core Values That Make us Professional


The provision of high quality studies is inseparable to the transparency of the methods used to perform them. To ensure transparency we publish continuously our newly developed methods to top ranked scientific journals and we are open, informative and continuously communicate all key aspects of our work.


Addressing complex issues requires an in depth knowledge of the subject and a constant, persistent and attentive effort that will eventually lead to timely delivery. In all our services provided we have been distinguished for the high quality services provided.


Our modelling tools are based on state of the art sound scientific methods that have been tested, published and used in numerous simulations whereas our personnel is composed of highly skilled (more than 70% are PhD holders), experienced and dedicated researchers that have been involved in quite demanding business and research projects.