Council and European Parliament agree on first “Fitfor55” proposal supported by PRIMES

The first Fitfor55 proposal to be formally agreed by the Council and European Parliament is the strengthening of CO2 emission targets for new cars and vans.

The impact assessment underpinning the proposal was done with PRIMES modelling, which makes us really proud, to see our work make a tangible impact on policymaking for advancing EU transport decarbonisation.

The two institutions reached a provisional political agreement on stricter CO2 emissions performance standards for new cars and vans, the goal being to move towards a zero-emission mobility.

The regulation will aim at a:

✅ 55% CO2 emission reduction target for new cars and 50% for new vans by 2030 compared to 2021 levels;

✅ 100% CO2 emission reduction target for both new cars and vans by 2035.

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