E3-Modelling speaks at prestigious event on the European Green Deal

Leonidas Paroussos and Alessia de Vita will address the conference “Modelling Climate Neutrality for the European Green Deal” on 6 and 7 October and present the work E3-Modelling has undertaken in the last months to support the delivery of the Climate Target Plan, core component of the European Green Deal.

The virtual conference takes place in the framework of the Energy Modelling Platform for Europe and is hosted by DG Research & Innovation and the H2020 Energy Modelling Group, a joint venture of eight Horizon 2020 projects that have put together the platform in the first place. The platform constitutes a forum of exchange between energy system modelers and policy-makers as well as representatives from the industry and civil society, aiming to find ways of best using modelling data, tools and results for shaping upcoming energy innovations and policy.

In her intervention (October 6, Plenary 2) Alessia will share first-hand insights stemming out of her involvement in the modelling work and the crafting of policy storylines that underpin the European Green Deal. Leonidas will take the floor on October 7 (Plenary 3) to talk about the socio-economic and competitiveness impacts of the Green Deal, a topic that lies at the heart of the debate surrounding Europe’s transition to climate neutrality.

To learn more about the event and register, click here: http://www.energymodellingplatform.eu/emp-e-2020.html#