E3-Modelling will work on study to risk-proof European Union’s energy system until 2050

In the next 15 months E3-Modelling will work with Hypertech and Global Climate Forum to identify and assess potential risks for the Union’s security of energy supply, in light of the increasing energy sector integration and Europe’s long-term strategy become climate-neutral by 2050.

The study aims to deepen DG ENER’s understanding of underlying threats, energy system vulnerabilities and risks which might endanger the short- and long-term reliability, resilience and performance of the EU energy sector in 2030 and 2050.

E3-Modelling’s role is pivotal, since the study will rely extensively on the PRIMES analysis of the existing energy system, the 2030 policy targets and 2050 decarbonization scenarios.

Most importantly, E3-Modelling will focus on coupling the PRIMES outputs with a custom methodology developed by the project team, which holistically captures vulnerabilities, risks and their impact on the energy system.

This “coupling” should allow for the automatic risk assessment of future energy scenarios, providing extremely useful insights to policy-makers in the years to come.