E3M is awarded 5 new Horizon Europe projects

We are very excited to have won 5 new Horizon Europe projects submitted back in September 2021! All proposals fall under Destination I of the 2021-2022 Work Programme and aim to advance climate science in order to support the transition towards a climate-neutral and climate-resilient society by 2050.

The projects are an opportunity for us to improve our models so as to capture the complex interaction of socio-economic and biophysical systems and, by doing so, help policymakers craft ambitious, yet feasible pathways to climate neutrality.

The co-creation of solutions is central in all projects, an acknowledgement that climate policies cannot overlook societal needs.

The topics we will be working on over the next 4 years cover:

🌳the role of forests and forest bioeconomy in curbing emissions and spurring greengrowth
📈incorporating the climate-biodiversity-economy nexus in the economic appraisal of environmental policies
💫integrating circulareconomy and GHG mitigation assessments
📊crafting new-generation scenarios that will be more effective in achieving NDCs and brining emissions down to netzero by mid-century.