E3M’s novel research on EU regions vulnerable to the low-carbon transition

New blog in the CoalTransitions webpage presenting our research on how to identify the EU regions most at risk from the lowcarbon transition, developed in the framework of the Η2020 CINTRAN project.

Our research:
📌proposes a new socio-economic risk indicator (SRI) that maps EU regions and identifies the 15 most at risk; the SRI is decomposed into hazard exposure vulnerability in line with the IPCC definition
📌finds not all regions to be equally exposed but hazard to be equally high
📌concludes that the regions most exposed are those with a high share of direct fossil fuel jobs.

Policy implications:
✔️ With few exceptions identified regions are the same as those eligible for Just Transition Funding
✔️ Most regions at risk are already lagging behind national growth and employment averages
✔️ Tailored support is needed to help regions cope with additional burden of the energy transition and lay the ground for sustainable development

Read more at: https://coaltransitions.org/news/novel-research-to-identify-eu-regions-vulnerable-to-low-carbon-transition/

The full report on the Socioeconomic Risk Indicator will be published later in 2022 so stay tuned!