Energy and climate modellers join forces for a climate neutral Europe

Thrilled to be part of a new H2020 project whose aim is to establish a European institution dedicated to advancing climate neutrality: the “European Climate and Energy Modelling Forum”!

In the course of the next 4 years, the project will bring together energy and climate researchers and policy makers from 15 top notch organisations across Europe to compare 20 models, currently maintained by the different consortium members, and produce a coherent evidence base for supporting impact assessments of energy and climate policies that aim towards climate neutrality.

This is critical for two reasons: first, because it will advance the state-of-the-art of European energy and climate modelling through sharing of (i) input data using open standards, (ii) methods for comparing models, (iii) scientific software tools and hands-on training for researchers; and second, because it will support the development of policy-relevant insights into the most pressing questions related with climate neutrality, which will be communicated to and discussed with key decision makers at EU and national levels.

The kick-off meeting hosted over 50 participants while two members of the international advisory board, Prof. John Weyant of the Stanford Energy Modelling Forum, and Prof. Shinichiro Fujimori, Kyoto University shared their experience on the value of model comparison exercises, providing inspiration to the Forum!

Find more about the project here: