EMP-E Conference 2019: “Modelling the implementation of A Clean Planet For All Strategy”

The third Meeting of the Energy Modelling Platform for Europe (EMP-E) 2019, was hosted on October 8th and 9th by the European Commission DG Research & Innovation in Brussels. The Energy modelling group consists of nine Horizon 2020 projects funded by the European Commission’s Research and Innovation Programme.

Georgios Zazias represented E3-Modelling and the INNOPATHS European Programme and presented the main implications of scenarios prepared by E3Modeling for the “A Clean Planet for All” long term strategy of the European Commission for cities and urban development. These scenarios were constructed using the PRIMES energy systems model of E3-Modelling.

The Energy Modelling Platform for Europe (EMP-E) is an annual conference, bringing together scientists and policy makers on current and innovative energy modelling issues. Due to the active involvement of EC representatives and leading researchers, the aim is to bridge the gap between modelling and policy making at European, regional and local level. Stakeholders are provided with a peer-reviewed digest of model and policy insights for the transformation of the European energy system.

The platform constitutes a continuous forum for exchanging research, development and practice of energy system modelling in Europe and, where feasible, promotes the sharing of data and resources. It thus aims to increase the efficiency, integrity and access to European energy modelling data, scenarios, tools and results.