Energy & Transport

We provide detailed modelling of the entire energy system in a time of structural changes towards a low-carbon future, using the PRIMES modelling suite and the PROMETHEUS world energy system model.


We build advanced macroeconomic models that capture the inter-dependencies of all economic agents at a global scale.

Environment and Climate

Economic development has significant effects on the environment, at E3-Modelling we estimate the impacts on emissions, pollutants and resources and compute the impacts of shifting towards a more sustainable development.

About E3-Modelling

E3-Modelling is a société anonyme (S.A.) company, established in Greece, as a knowledge-intensive consulting company. We deliver consulting services based on the large-scale empirical modelling of the economy-energy-environment nexus: PRIMES, GEM-E3 and Prometheus. We focus on the design of transition in the energy market and systems, both demand and supply of energy, towards green and climate-friendly structures and technologies. With the modelling, we help to assess the transitions from economic, policy and implementation perspectives putting emphasis on the functioning of the system and the markets as a whole when policy instruments influence behaviours and market outcomes


We work for regional and national public authorities, industrial associations, and energy and climate associations. We have years of experience working with:

European Commission

The European Commission is an institution of the European Union, responsible for proposing legislation, implementing decisions, upholding the EU treaties and managing the day-to-day business of the EU.

Global Climate Forum

The Global Climate Forum is a global association based in Berlin, Germany. They conduct high-level research on climate change and related global challenges.

Federal Planning Bureau Belgium

The Bureau is a Belgian independent public agency. It makes studies on economic, social & environmental issues & on their integration within the context of sustainable development.

Our Project Examples