INNOPATHS roadmap and policy briefs get published

A series of policy briefs and a roadmap for the transition to carbon neutrality by mid century are now available online!

Led by E3M, the Roadmap is a key deliverable of INNOPATHS project that assesses the feasibility of contrasted transformation pathways towards climate neutrality by 2050 and identifies robust strategies relevant to achieve deep decarbonization by mid-century. The model-based analysis confirms that the European economy will undergo a tremendous overhaul as a result of the shift to carbon neutrality and that the upscale of all currently available mitigation options along with the support of breakthrough technologies, such as e-fuels, (green) hydrogen, CCUS or CDR – especially for hard-to-abate sectors – will be critical. As the ambition of the target is too high, only the combined deployment of mitigation options can ensure a cost-efficient transition.

In turn, the policy briefs delve into each sector independently and provide key take-away messages for policy-makers. E3M has extensively contributed to the preparation of the industry, transport, and decarbonisation pathways briefs.

You may access the Roadmap here and the policy briefs here