NEW H2020 project ELEVATE kicks off!

NEW project for enabling and leveraging climate action to meet the Paris Agreement goal just started!

Title: ELEVATE 🌱

The ELEVATE project funded by Horizon Europe kicked off last week and we’re excited to be part of a top-notch consortium led by PBL Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving.

We join forces with other leading international and national modelling teams, climate policy and social science experts to truly strengthen NDCs and pave the way for a global net zero economy by 2050

HOW will we do that?

✔️By assessing existing policies to identify good practices and the added value of sectoral action, climate governance and the links with climate justice and sustainable development

✔️By working directly with policymakers to define information gaps, improve how knowledge is used and strengthen the feasibility of proposed pathways

✔️By introducing climate uncertainty in the formulation of net-zero pathways

More to follow as we enter the implementation phase | for now check