NEW project CIRCOMOD kicks off!

CIRCOMOD, a new Horizon Europe project E3M is part of, held its kick off meeting on 7-9 June. Our senior expert Zoi Vrontisi attended the event, hosted by the coordinator Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University!

CIRCOMOD aims to develop a new generation of advanced models and scenarios that will assess how circular economy can reduce future GHG and material use. This input will be particularly timely and relevant for ongoing work at the IPCC and International Resource Panel (IRP).

The project brings together a unique consortium of 12 leading research teams across 7 countries and different disciplines, including industrial ecology and material flow modelling, process-oriented integrated assessment modelling, and macro-economic modelling.

E3M is leading WP5 which will assess the economy-wide interactions between circular economy, the climate and the environment and find ways to better represent the circular economy in large-scale applied economic models such as GEM-E3, ICES, and WITCH.