E3M speaks at “Trade-offs and benefits, effort sharing, and energy security” workshop

On 18 October we travelled to the Hague to speak at the workshop “Trade-offs and benefits, effort sharing, and energy security” hosted by PBL Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving. The event was organised in the framework of H2020 ENGAGE project and offered a great opportunity to discuss topics ranging from energy security to effort-sharing and justice in climate governance.

Alessia De Vita opened the floor and presented results of E3M’s modelling work on the REPowerEU comparing the results with the Reference Scenario 2020 and Fitfor55 package. A topic voiced by many stakeholders was the need to align short-term strategies with long-term goals and improve energy security while also decarbonizing. The importance of behavioural change and also of avoiding lock-in effects with a switch to liquid naturalgas in the short-term were also common across discussion groups.

Zoi Vrontisi joined the final session where she talked about the work of E3M and other partners in ENGAGE for including different effort-sharing mechanisms in integrated assessment models.
Some of the key findings of this work are that:
➡️ fairness is affordable
➡️ developingcountries are likely to benefit from such approaches (since they have the least resources to deploy carbon cuts, and the least responsibility for past emissions)
➡️ we still need to do more in the short term

Find out more about ENAGE: https://lnkd.in/es_tuDWr