CAMPAIGNers – Citizens Acting on Mitigation Pathways through Active Implementation of a Goal-setting Network

CAMPAIGNers aims to revolutionise the way lifestyle transformation research is conducted and inform the design of policies for climate change mitigation. This means moving from narrow samples, specific contexts or hypothetical citizen behaviour to the implementation of a ‘goal-setting’ network, where citizens across 5 continents and 16 major cities with over 20 million residents, receive and create challenges to make specific changes to their lifestyles via an app platform.

E3M will assess the macro-economic, energy and environmental impacts of lifestyle changes by leading the development of new-generation national, EU and global mitigation pathways fully considering lifestyle changes transformations. The representation of behavioural and lifestyle changes will be significantly improved in PRIMES, GEM-E3 and PROMETHEUS to provide cutting-edge insights into the interplay of climate policies with lifestyle changes in different sectors, including transport, buildings and agriculture, and the synergies of lifestyle changes with systemic transformation and sustainability co-benefits.

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Client :  EISMEA
Date :  2021-2024