Climate Strategy and Action Plan in Serbia

Climate Strategy and Action Plan in Serbia (Europe Aid)

The adoption of a national cross-sectoral Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan would enable Serbia to establish the national strategic framework for climate action. This framework is necessary both for implementing already planned adopted commitments and strategy objectives, as well as anticipating future national and international developments in climate change. Also, substantial efforts are required in order to integrate climate change into other sectoral policies and strategies. In line with the priorities established for the IPA programme, the European Union (EU) is supporting the preparation and drafting of the Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan through the IPA project “Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan”, EUROPEAID/135966/DH/SER/RS. The project identifies and assesses the cost effective GHG mitigation potential for Serbia, while taking into account policies and goals, and assess opportunities for and costs of climate change adaptation.

Client :  Delegation of the EU to the Republic of Serbia
Date :  2016-2018
Services :  Prepare a comprehensive cross-sector climate change strategy and action plan for Serbia