European Climate and Energy Modelling Forum

ECEMF aspires to provide the knowledge base that will inform the development of future energy and climate policies at national and European levels. Through a series of events and novel IT-based communications ECEMF will help researchers identify – together with stakeholders – the most pressing policy-relevant research questions for meeting ambitious European energy and climate policy goals, i.e., the European Green Deal. Answers to those questions will be provided by the first inclusive and open full-scale model comparison exercise on achieving climate neutrality in Europe, including from the outset over 20 models and 15 top research groups, to produce a coherent and relevant evidence-base. This base will be discussed with key decision-makers via interactive embeddable visualisation blocks, policy briefs, workshops and high-profile events. ECEMF will be established as a long-term, open and welcoming European focal-point for researchers and policy makers with unparalleled international connections to the EMF, JMIP, IAMC and IPCC.

E3M role’s is centred around the assessment of macro-economic, energy and environmental impacts of energy and climate policies and alternative pathways towards climate neutrality by mid-century.


Client :  EISMEA
Date :  2021-2024