Support for the development and implementation of structural reforms in Estonia

The objective of the study is to propose institutional, administrative and growth-sustaining reforms in Estonia, in line with Article 4 of the SRSP Regulation. Specifically, the study will support the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications to a) define pathways towards climate neutral electricity production and b) formulate an action plan to be adopted by the Ministry that focuses on the decarbonisation of electricity production. The results of the activities will be synthesized in a final report. Training materials will be developed for the Estonian government to acquire a clear understanding of the costs and benefits associated with different pathways to electricity decarbonisation, as well as an evidence base for future policy recommendations to scale Estonia’s low carbon transition. Moreover, the project will develop a transparent, updatable data set and modelling framework, as well as a cohort of networked local expertise able to create new scenarios and test arising needs from future industry and policy ideation processes.

Client :  DG REFORM, European Commission
Date :  2020-2022
Services :  Modelling, impact assessment