GoNEXUS – Innovative tools and solutions for governing the water-energy-food-ecosystems NEXUS under global change

GoNEXUS aims to develop a framework for designing and assessing innovative solutions for an efficient and sustainable coordinated governance of the water-energy-food-ecosystems (WEFE) nexus. Solutions will combine policy changes and soft path options with technical and infrastructure measures for a more resilient future. To achieve this, the project will build a powerful model toolbox that includes and links together forefront global/continental (CAPRI for food, agri-environment; LISFLOOD-EPIC and PCR-GLOBWB for water; PRIMES and PROMETHEUS for energy; GLOBIO for the environment); and GEM-E3 for macroeconomics) and river basin models (nested strategic WEFE management models including behavioral modelling and hydrological simulation models) to expand the analysis of resilience at basin scale, including impacts on ecosystems. Next to the toolbox the project will feture Nexus Dialogues for the codesign of scenarios, models, and solutions for a joint governance of the WEFE nexus. The innovative combination of models and Nexus Dialogues will provide more accurate evaluations of future scenarios, enabling knowledge sharing and brokerage, and improving WEFE nexus management. The project will also contribute to align existing EU WEFE policies, promote the reduction of institutional fragmentation, and strengthen the EU role on water diplomacy. E3M is leading the interconnection of global and continental models through targeted research.

Client :  CINEA
Date :  2021-2025