MAESHA – deMonstration of smArt and flExible solutions for a decarboniSed energy future in Mayotte and other European islAnds

Launched in November 2020, MAESHA will deploy the necessary flexibility, storage, and energy management solutions for a large penetration of RES in the energy system of Mayotte and study the replicability potential of these solutions in 5 other European islands, representing altogether more than 1.2 million inhabitants.
Cutting-edge technical systems will be developed and installed, supported by adapted local markets and business frameworks as well as efficient modelling tools, where E3M will be actively involved. A community-based approach will be adopted to ensure the constant consideration of local populations’ best interests throughout the project.

With its activities, MAESHA is expected to lead to at least 70% RES penetration and reach more than 90% of Mayotte’s population. Through its strong local implantation and the focus put on replication and dissemination activities, MAESHA seeks to deeply modify insular energy features throughout Europe and its impacts will be felt far beyond the project’s framework.

Putting together 10 SMEs, 3 industrial partners, 2 universities and 6 public organisations from 9 countries, MAESHA gathers strong partners with the needed expertise to develop and disseminate relevant solutions for a universally beneficial energy transition on islands.

Client :  Innovation and Networks Executive Agency
Date :  2020-2024
Services :  Decarbonisation of island systems