MICAT – Multiple Impacts Calculation Tool

Highlighting and quantifying the additional values of energy efficiency measures and investments, while considering the multiple non-energy impacts, lies at the heart of MICAT, the broader goal being to facilitate energy-relevant decisions and policy-making. To this end MICAT will develop a comprehensive approach to estimate Multiple Impacts of Energy Efficiency, where the analysis is done at three governance levels (local, national and EU), addressing a broad target group and interested actors. The project sets a sound scientific empirical basis for monitoring Multiple Impacts while providing a publicly available and easy usable online tool (MICATool) which has been developed in a co-creational manner with the respective governance levels.

E3M’s work will focus on the framework development of the empirical basis of social and economic impacts.

Website: www.micat-project.eu

Client :  Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME)
Date :  2020-2023
Services :  State-of-the-art modelling, impact assessment