Model based evaluation of EU climate policies

The objective of this project is to perform model-based scenario quantification, impact assessments and policy analysis regarding policy options for implementing and further developing the EU’s ‘Climate and Energy’ policy, as well as other climate relevant policies in the medium term (2020/2030) and the long term (up to 2070).  For this purpose a suite of high-quality quantitative modelling tools which are consistent and well-linked will be used. The teams and their models have extensive experience in the preparation of baseline scenarios and variants, as well as in accompanying impact assessments for policy making. The modelling tools can assess interactions with other policy domains such as energy supply, transport, buildings, agriculture, forestry and waste, as well as possible trade-offs or synergies particularly related to air pollution, land use, energy and resource efficiency.

Client :  European Commission, DG CLIMA
Date :  2019-2021
Services :  Model-based scenario quantification