NEWTRENDS in Energy Modelling

Digitalisation has the potential to fundamentally change the way things are currently performed. While most digitalised processes are getting more and more efficient, not all of them are designed in a way that reduces energy consumption. New societal trends empowered by digitalisation such as the shared economy, autonomous driving and low-carbon circular economy could lead to an increase in energy demand if they are not countered by energy saving measures. The aim of NEWTRENDS thus is to identify and quantify how new societal trends may affect energy demand. To achieve its goal, the project will combine qualitative and quantitative cross-sectoral modelling and explore how energy demand models can be improved to represent new societal trends. To this end, the GEM-E3 and PRIMESBuiMo will be used.


Client :  Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME)
Date :  2020-2023
Services :  Model development