Support for the establishment of a regulatory framework for renewable gas in Greece

The objective of this assignment is to provide support for the establishment of a regulatory framework and support scheme for the production and supply of renewable gases (including biomethane, green hydrogen and green synthetic methane) and their injection into the natural gas networks in Greece. This support is supposed to focus on different technical and regulatory issues, including the technical specifications of renewable gases, their access and injection into natural gas networks as well as support instruments for increasing the integration of renewable gases in energy consumption in Greece.

The assignment is well linked to the European energy and climate commitments for 2030 and 2050. In the recent EU Long-Term Strategy scenarios several scenarios show the penetration of renewable gases. Currently, gaseous fuels are composed to the largest extent by natural gas which plays a key role in the EU’s energy consumption (23% of gross inland consumption in 2017).

Client :  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Date :  2020
Services :  Regulation