TransformAr – Accelerating and upscaling transformational adaptation in Europe

TranformAr aims to develop and demonstrate products and services to launch and accelerate large-scale and disruptive adaptive process for transformational adaptation in vulnerable regions and communities across Europe. The 6 TransformAr lighthouse demonstrators face a common challenge: water-related risks and impacts of climate change. Based on existing successful initiatives, the project will develop, test and demonstrate solutions and pathways, integrated in Innovation Packages, in 6 territories. Transformational pathways, including an integrated risk assessment approach are co-developed by means of 9 Transformational Adaptive Blocks. A set of 22 tested actionable adaptive solutions are tested and demonstrated, ranging from nature-based solutions, innovative technologies, financing, insurance and governance models, awareness and behavioral change solutions.

E3M will build on state-of-the-art general equilibrium modelling to provide an informed assessment of socio-economic impacts of climate change across the EU and use cutting-edge methods to develop a synthetic index to assess the vulnerability of EU regions and sectors to climate change impacts.

Client :  CINEA
Date :  2021-2025