WHY – Climbing the causality ladder to understand and project the energy demand of the residential sector

WHY aims to provide a better understanding of electricity demand in the residential buildings sector, in order to improve the design of relevant policy and modelling tools. On the policy front, WHY will aim to propose ways of better reflecting demand-side needs in policy-drafting and assessing energy consumption trends for different categories of economic agents and consumers at EU and national levels. In addition, WHY will seek to improve the quality of Energy System Models most commonly used at European level, including the well-established and extensively used PRIMES, PROMETHEUS and TIAM-ECN modeling tools, by further developing and/or adding features that focus on coupling the energy demand and supply sectors (i.e. through distributed generation, storage, demand response, electrification of services, etc.) as well as behavioral patterns in decision-making by final consumers. Ensuring WHY outcomes are relevant to policy, society and the private sector lies at the centre of the project objectives too. For this reason, the project will steer an inclusive stakeholder dialogue throughout its duration, enabling stakeholders from business, industry, policy, non-governmental and civil society organizations to contribute to the co-design of the WHY Toolkit and the development of 5 Use Cases.

More information: https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/891943

Client :  Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME)
Date :  2020-2023
Services :  State-of-the-art modelling, impact assessment