SOCLIMPACT project comes to end

After 4 years of working together SOCLIMPACT partners got together on 23 March to present the final results of the project to an audience of academics, European Commission representatives and island focal points from the 12 EU islands and outermost regions that featured as case studies in the project.

In her presentation, Zoi Vrontisi focused on the modelling work that was undertaken to estimate the socioeconomic impacts of climate change on key blue economy sectors of the islands in the years 2030–2100 . She also referred to how the modelling projections helped craft decarbonisation and adaptation pathways that aim to make island archipelagos more resilient.

Tools such as the Regional Exchange Information System and the Adaptation Support Tool for Islands, which promote the mainstreaming of island adaptation priorities into the EU Adaptation Strategy, were presented and discussed.

The final conference served also as the first summit of European islands on climate change, paving the way for more networking activities in the future.

To find more about SOCLIMPACT intervention logic and results, follow the link: