Dr. Stavroula Evangelopoulou

Dr. Stavroula Evangelopoulou

Senior energy supply analyst and modeller

Dr. Stavroula Evangelopoulou has over eight years of experience in the energy sector. She is a member of the energy modelling team of E3-Modelling, where she contributes in model developments and the quantification of energy and climate policy scenarios. She has been involved in a large number of projects related to the assessment of major EU and national policies such as the 2030 EU climate and energy targets, the transition to carbon neutrality and the development of National Energy and Climate Plans. Previously, she worked as researcher in the Graduate School of Computer Science, Saarland University, Germany.

Stavroula holds a PhD from the National Technical University of Athens on modelling the energy system using hydrogen and e-fuels for long-term energy planning towards carbon neutrality, and two master’s degrees in Statistics and Modelling and Electrical and Computer Engineering, both from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Areas of Expertise

  • Analysis of energy systems
  • Energy system modelling
  • Energy Policy
  • Long-Term Energy Planning
  • Energy Storage