Theofano Fotiou

Dr Theofano Fotiou

Stationary Demand Director

Dr. Theofano Fotiou has more than 7 years of experience in demand side energy modelling and analysis and more particularly on modelling the potential of energy savings and the penetration of low-carbon technologies in the buildings sector (residential and services). She has developed the new buildings module of the PRIMES model (PRIMES-BuiMo) and participated in a long list of energy and climate studies via the quantification of scenarios assessing the barriers and opportunities regarding the decarbonisation of the buildings sector. Theofano holds a MSc in Mechanical Engineering, a MSc in Production and Management of Energy, and a PhD in Mathematical modelling for the projection and economic optimization of energy consumption and energy efficiency in the buildings sector from the National Technical University of Athens.

Areas of Expertise

  • Energy economics
  • Energy modelling
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Environmental policy
  • Electric Power Systems
  • Industrial Electronics